Whats in it for the Contractors

Not only the best pricing, CWLL offers a multi-tier program filled with incentives for contractors.



  • Up to 3% cash back on all the products you purchase from our warehouse and store

  • More you buy the better the discount. Real time savings of up to 30% for lighting and electrical components

  • Training in LED, Home Automation and more

  • Delivery service to your job site for those days you just don't have the time. "time is money"

  • Over 8,000 lights in our catalogs

  • Contract auditing for free, if you are looking for someone to assess your job and conclude with the best engineered solution, CWLL is more than happy to make all the arrangements for you 

  • 5 year warranty on most products

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Does CWLL have energy auditing availible

Can CWLL bid on regional jobs

Can I make more money from buying lights from CWLL

We provide on-sight energy audits and assessments for pretty much anyone that wishes to save money and electrical companies.

CWLL uses specific software to offer accurate energy cost to what the savings would be to change to a more efficient light. Depending on who is installing the lights, rebates are available. Call us today and ask how! 

Yes we can bid on major jobs big or small regional jobs, we have experienced engineers and software to configure the best solutions with the most suited equipment to get the job done.

Our programs are made for you to make money, we have several options from reselling to bulk buying.

Can I make get financing

Are there investor opportunities

Can I work for CWLL

CWLL has several options for financing which include

Leasing options

In-house financing

Bank financing directly through CWLL

Of course we are looking for good partners and distributors throughout North America.

So far we have teamed with some dynamic industries, timing is everything.

Having the first business model to suit everyone, we are expecting rapid growth. Call us to learn more

778 484 2955

We are currently looking to fill many positions, from



Regional Managers

Floor Staff/Reception

Warehouse Staff

Communications Manager