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The average conversion will save you over 60% of electricity used.

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We have both financing and leasing options to cater to your needs.


With a small deposit, we can provide lights to get the job done. OAC


Net 30 All past due invoices will be subject to late fees, the maximum allowable by law.


As a duly authorised owner/officer of this company, I/we the undersigned warrant that the information herein given is correct and request that standard credit terms be extended by CANADIAN WHOLESALE LIGHTING to our company based on this information. I/we authorise CANADIAN WHOLESALE LIGHTING to verify our credit background and further authorize our references to release information directly to CANADIAN WHOLESALE LIGHTING and, for such verification. The following terms are agreed to:

(A) TERMS OF SALE: Net amount due in 30 days with a monthly service charge of 1 ½% per month assessed on all accounts past 30 days after invoice date. Applicant agrees that the delivery invoice shall be the document relied on by both parties as the document setting this specific charge for each delivery, the applicable dates and the amounts thereof. Monthly statements, if any, are mailed for reconciliation purposes only. Applicant agrees that, should collection action be instituted against us, I/we agree to pay all costs thereof including for collection agency fees, reasonable attorneys fees, whether or not a lawsuit is actually brought to enforce collection, and court costs, if any. I/we waive all rights relating to venue and agree that any and all legal action shall be brought in Kelowna BC. The laws of the BC Province shall govern the relationship of the parties.

(B) TERMS OF DELIVERY AND ACCEPTANCE OF MATERIAL: CANADIAN WHOLESALE LIGHTING is authorised to deliver and leave material at designated job sites, or to deliver material to individuals who indicate that they represent the applicant. Such deliveries are considered accepted by applicant as of the date of delivery with regard to satisfactory count and condition. Applicant further agrees to comply with and acknowledges receipt of the current terms and conditions of sales as established by CANADIAN WHOLESALE LIGHTING.


In consideration of granting credit to this company, I/we hereby personally and severally guarantee all purchases, promissory notes, and other forms of indebtedness as may presently exist, or may be incurred from time to time, by this company or person in favor of CANADIAN WHOLESALE LIGHTING, under the terms and conditions as stated above, exclusive of my official capacity in the above stated company. I/we further agree that if action is taken to enforce the terms of this guarantee, that CANADIAN WHOLESALE LIGHTING shall be entitled to recover a reasonable attorney’s fee and court costs. I/we agree that proper venue of all legal proceedings is in Kelowna BC Canada.

Conditions apply with approved credit only. Fill the credit application and send it back to